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Clear communication channels are vital.

The telephone remains the primary source of communication with landlords, however, we understand that our role in managing property should be, wherever possible, as unobtrusive as we can make it. To this end, email communication is often favoured by our landlord clients, especially with landlords who may be in a different time zone who are then able to respond when it is most convenient. With access to Smartphones, it is easier than ever to communicate. Clearly, in the event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately.

Our quality control procedures ensure that all instructions are carefully recorded and our experience means that very little is left to chance. Contractors are always instructed in writing with clear and unambiguous information.

Arrangements with tenants, sometimes contractual, are always confirmed in writing to both landlord and tenant.  Failure to communicate important agreed action often results in financial loss to the landlord and Camel can be trusted to carry out the process in a friendly and clear way.

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